Lady heartbroken as boyfriend of 3 years gets married to another woman


In a tearful video on her @sexysica_ account, a Nigerian woman, devastated after discovering her three-year lover secretly married another woman, shared her heartbreak on TikTok.

she revealed learning about his secret marriage through a friend’s WhatsApp status.

Despite staying faithful and respecting their private relationship, she was shocked and heartbroken.

The discovery has left her unable to sleep, and she expressed her decision not to seek clarity or contact him.

The video caption reflects her emotional turmoil and acceptance of the situation.

“No wonder he’s always warning me never to post him taht he loves a “ private” relationship. I’m still trying to process everything. I swore i will never text or call him. I wont seek clarity.i font even want to know how or why it hsppened. He did what he dud,i felt what i felt,it is what it is”.

watch below


“I haven’t slept in two days,” H£artbroken lady says, after her boyfriend of three years secretly got married 🎥: Tiktok/sexysica_

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