“How many babies dey” – Size of pregnant woman’s baby bump causes buzz

A pregnant woman with a very large baby bump has ignited a fervent debate as to the number of babies she might be carrying.

The video, recorded at a local hospital, captures the expectant mother experiencing pregnancy contractions, but it is her extraordinary baby bump size that has left netizens astir.

The pregnant woman’s belly, which appears astonishingly long, has led to widespread speculation on social media.

The debate has centered on whether she could be expecting triplets or even more babies.

The footage, which has garnered thousands of views and comments across various social platforms, showcases the pregnant woman enduring contractions at a hospital, making her pregnancy status indisputable.

However, it is her baby bump that has left many scratching their heads.

Netizens have been offering their own theories, with some asserting that the extraordinary size of her belly undoubtedly points to a multiple pregnancy.

Netizens Reactions…

@Queen oluwafunmilayo Esther asked: “abeg how many babies dey …congratulations oo”

@perry remarked: “Later he go ask what do u brin to d table 😩😩 women bring humans to d world 😩 congratulations 🎉🦋🫡🫡”

@Dj Prince Churby 232 SL stated: “Respect women please 🙏 ,they suffers alot in labour.
love to every women 💕 ❤ 💓 on earth 🌎.”

@Adeolayinka enquired: “So this is one baby??? The baby enjoyed all this space sha, the real idan 😅 congratulations to you 🥰 …”

@TAJ said: “this is surely 3 triplets and I tap into the grace of motherhood in Jesus name.
congratulations my dear sister and to all mothers in the world 💋♥️❤️”

See Video below;