“I missed you”: Happy boarding school boy lifts mum up when she visited in video

A video has shown when a strong young boy lifted his mother up within the premises of his school.

The 42 seconds video was posted by @solangetimah1 who said her son likes to lift her each time she is in his school.

It appears the boy is in a boarding secondary school and only sees his mother occasionally.

Even his mother confessed to having missed him so much. It was not a surprise that when the boy saw her, he promptly lifted her like a baby.

There were other students and parents around, but the boy did not care. He did not even look at anyone’s face.

His mother kept smiling and laughing in joy as he held her strongly in his arms. The interesting video has stirred emotional reactions on TikTok. Some people have described the boy as very strong.

Watch the video below: