I need a man: 42-year-old teacher in search of husband speaks out

A 42-year-old  lady who identifies herself as a teacher has publicly declared she’s in search of a man to marry.

The teacher who appeared desperate for a life partner said she has no kid.

She shared a picture of herself posing in a white and black, zip gown with a Twitter username, The iron lady.

Her tweet has generated numerous reactions including comments from users who believe the username “The iron lady” is partly responsible for her current marital status.

42-year-old teacher in search of husband speaks out

Reactions: Iron lady is a red flag


“The Iron Lady” is a red flag to most men, kindly soften up a bit, hang out, attend events be more social and malleable. And then be open-minded and even attempt shooting some shots. Cheers”


“Try change your display name…. we talk about your face later”


“42???? What were u doin all these years???”

“your email address Vanessa, i’m a professional shop attendant looking for a teacher in her 40s”

While her post has gained wild online attention, Skabash.com cannot independently verify, however, if the handler of the Twitter account is indeed the lady in the published post.

In other news, a Nigerian woman ran for dear life after she stumbled upon chats that ensued between her sister-in-law and a friend concerning her.

The sister-in-law had been living in the house with herself and her husband and things seemed to be okay between them, at least on the lady’s part.

The young wife was shocked to her bones after she found out that her sister-in-law had been harboring terrible thoughts about her.

In the chats, the sister-in-law expressed her dislike for her brother’s wife even if she talks and gists with her like they are pals. She revealed that she was plotting to have the lady thrown out of the house shamefully.