“Mr Ibu Is Back Home” – Ken Erics Expresses Excitement as He Visits Veteran Actor

Nollywood star Ken Erics sparked a wave of excitement among fans and colleagues by sharing a video of his visit to senior colleague John Okafor aka Mr Ibu, which appears to have happened following the veteran actor’s recovery from a hospital stay.

Mr. Ibu has recently been hospitalised in the hospital, having one of his legs amputated amid a constant and stormy schism between his wife, Stella Maris Okafor, and adopted daughter, Jasmine, over the cash provided for his recuperation.

On Sunday, January 21, Ken Erics posted a video of his visit to Mr. Ibu’s house on his Instagram page, amid concern over his full recovery.

The renowned actor was spotted giving a hearty greeting.

Ken implied in his post’s title that the visit occurred after the hospital incident, stating that he released the footage to brighten his colleagues’ and followers’ days.

Watch the video below;