“No man wants to date me” – Lady with unique nose cries bitterly (Video)

A pretty lady has gone online to lament bitterly over her singlehood as she attributes the status to their unique of her nose.

The lady named Ammie Sweeshy cried out over her situation since no man appears to be approaching her or making any romanticadvances towards her because of her nose.

Lady big nose
Pretty lady.

She made this known in response to a question a curious netizen asked inquiring if she has a boyfriend.

The pretty lady said…

“I wish I had one, but no one wants me.”

Ammie could be observed crying in the video because no man seems to want her or making any romantic move to sweep her off her feet.

Some netizens tried consoling her as they note that she’s still pretty regardless of the nose.

Check out reactions below …

@dawgtreyna said: “Funny enough the nose actually fits you. You are still a fine girl though.”

@THE FASTEST BAGGER said: “You’re so beautiful, don’t let what people say ruin you. I’m single in case you need a boyfriend, let me know.”

@Princesseron commented: “Don’t worry, dear. Even those who have small noses, some don’t have. So yours will come and will be just as special as you.”

Watch video below …