Pastor ascends to “heaven” during prayers ( Video )

A Nigerian pastor has allegedly ascended to heaven during a prayer session.

The church shared the video on social media where they believe their pastor ascended to Heaven under the influence of the Holy Spirit.

Per the content of the video, the pastor is seen in a white robe moving up into the sky. He is seen being lifted by a white rope that went through the roof.

The video also gave an account of church members looking on in bewilderment as the pastor move up high into the sky and made his way into heaven through the ceiling.

The church continued to sing their lungs out.

The hilarious video has been trending. Check It Out…

There has been a similar story not too long ago where a pastor also did similar theatrics and allegedly was taken in a whirlwind to Heaven.

These African pastors believe in the power of God to welcome them to Heaven just like the prophets. How realistic is this?