Pregnant Woman Who Asked For A Pumping Machine To Suck Water Out Of Her Room, Gets New Apartment 5 Days After

Some days back, a content creator identified by his social media handles as Osita Popcorn went out in search of one or two persons in need of help. While on the adventure, the content creator met a pregnant woman living in an apartment ridden with water.

The water was already flowing into many of the apartments, so he asked one of the occupants what he can do to help them. The occupant then said they would not mind if he could help them get a pumping machine to get rid of the water.10ffae9a60304418a53aeb4f6da8df1f

The pregnant lady said the water had already started flowing into their rooms and it is very unhygienic for the occupants. She sought help in getting a pumping machine to suck the water out of their rooms.


Five days after the pregnant lady requested a pumping to get rid of the water, the content creator returned to her with good news today.

He did not just return with a pumping machine, he went with a delightful surprise for the pregnant occupant as he told her that after he shared her story, many people who were touched donated money to help her move to a better apartment.

Photos from the new apartment rented for her5d348e1d00db4145a6302a7f491c290f

He took her to the new apartment he had secured for her through the donations of well-meaning Nigerians. The lady couldn’t contain her joy when the content creator broke the news to her. Upon receiving the news, she became emotional and was moved to tears.